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How to Assemble a Round Wedding Backdrop

Whether you are shooting people or products, the backdrop behind your subject can make or break your image. Delightful backdrops can help you create a custom photo experience with little effort. They will brighten up any space, especially when inexpensively back lit with something like balloons , flowers or drappings. Backdrops can be custom made if you are creative enough to make one. There are countless ideas on how to create a wonderful backdrop design.

Out of all the various backdrops, this round wedding backdrop is one of our favorites mainly because of its simple but significant design. We love it because there is brilliance in simplicity.

Round Wedding Backdrop- Home in 1

It is also very simple to assemble and below is the step by step guide on how to assemble it in a few minutes.

Step 1

Place all components on a flat surface so that it forms a circle. 

Assembly- Step 1

Step 2

Connect all pieces together by sliding thin pipe into thicker pipe. Please ensure that the wing nut is unscrewed from the thick pipe when doing this to allow for thin pipe to go in.

Assembly- Step 2

Step 3

When all pieces are connected you need to fasten all the wing nuts again.

Assembly- Step 3

Step 4

Attach the legs.

Assembly- Step 4

Step 5

Once legs have been attached, you can lift the back drop and move it to where needed.

Assembly- Step 5

After this simple set, you can decorate you backdrop and the photoshoot begins.

Round Wedding Backdrop- Home in 1

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